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Richard LawrenceWhat Links Us Together: works by Richard Lawrence and Rebecca Lawrence

The Father-Daughter duo of artists have combined efforts to create What Links Us Together, a new exhibit that will be displayed in the Louise Gallery at Mulberry Art Studios throughout the month of February. The public is invited to meet the artists at a First Friday opening reception on February 5th from 5pm until 8pm.  Two Sunday receptions will be held from 1pm until 4pm on February 7th and 14th. 

Rebecca speaks about the exhibit:
What links us together goes beyond genetics. It is passion for observing the world around us through artistic media, whether it has been behind the lens, through the tip of the pen, or through the tip of our brush. The similarities found in our artistic practices are our strongest bond.  My father interprets rural vistas and cityscapes of Lancaster County through his short, quick lines and thick paint strokes in his watercolor sketches and oil paintings.  My work is a response to experiences I’ve felt in various places in my travels abroad or directly down the road, interpreted through layers of oil and contain both recognizableRebecca Lawrence and non objective forms. Although many works are related to physical experiences, many small works are direct responses to German literature.

Our artistic practices started for each of us in our school years. I grew up observing my father’s continuing practice but never responded directly to his work, nor did he respond to my growing art practice as a child. My father suffered from severe post traumatic stress syndrome related to the Vietnam War through my childhood, leading to my parents divorce and a rocky, undefined parent-child relationship that followed for more than a decade and my college years as an art major. It has only been within the past few years that we have honed our relationship into what it is today. We encourage one another to make art, ask pertinent questions, share supplies, and spend time with one another in our studio spaces. We are now colleagues and comfortably in a father-daughter relationship. The body of work represented here is from this period. This is the first exhibit in which my work and my father’s work have been displayed together.

Richard Lawrence
Rebecca Lawrence


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