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Richard Babusci: What Remains

Richard Babusci's What Remains, a collection of oil and acrylic on canvas paintings that depict people disassembling into abstract fragments, will be on exhibit at Mulberry Art Studios this September. A First Friday Opening Reception will be held on September 1 from 5pm until 9pm, and the work will remain on display for the entirety of the month.

Richard Babusci is an artist based in central Pennsylvania. Over the past decade, he has exhibited in Arizona, as well as various galleries in the Mid-Atlantic United States. He holds a BFA from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. He enjoys travelling and his experiences around the world have influenced his artistic style, as have his interests in philosophy, art history, classic literature and nature.

Babusci traces the inspiration for What Remains back to Camera Lucida by Roland Barthes. He notes that various intersecting national conversations about identity as it relates to gender and sexual preference have certainly influenced his work, as well. He also finds inspiration within social media, the sometimes blurred lines between public and private personas, as well as things like cosplay, and Second Life which add further nuance to the identity landscape.

Richard Babusci

"These paintings portray dissolving impressions, like snapshots, left from a single point along a person’s timeline. The pieces falling away represent the thinness and brevity of those impressions" explains Babusci. "I paint people disassembling into nothing as a way of depicting identity as something fluid, or impermanent. I want to question where the boundaries lie between outside perceptions, and one’s personal sense of self. How do they work to inform and refine each other, and can they exist apart? What does that say about how exactly our identities are defined, and who defines them? The subjects are presented outside of any context to ask, most importantly: what’s at the center? Is there anything left underneath the constantly shifting feedback that we cloth ourselves in? When separated from the surroundings and experiences that shape and form us, does something remain that is wholly us…or are there only echoes?"

afterimages: an exhibit of photography by Joseph GreerJoseph Greer

Artist Joseph Greer, who has in the past exhibited his sculptures at Mulberry Art Studios, will be bringing his new photography exhibition, entitled afterimages, to the gallery this September. A First Friday Opening Reception will be held on September 1st from 5pm until 9pm. The exhibit will remain on display through the month of September, and can be viewed during regular gallery hours on weekdays from 10am until 4pm, or by appointment after hours and on weekends.

afterimages is a selection of color and black & white photographs exploring the concept of the afterimage - a visual image or other sense impression that persists after the stimulus that caused it has ceased to act (or exist).

Greer is a writer and self-taught artist who works in drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, and video. His drawings and paintings are created with acrylic and oil paint, charcoal, graphite, and ink; his sculptures with clay, aluminum, and ink. Greer photographs the people, objects, and space around him. He credits the lives and art of Francis Bacon, Samuel Beckett, Alberto Giacometti, and David Lynch as having provided direction to his work.

"I use darkness, disintegration, distortion, fragmentation, repetition, and the deliberate shaping of accident and chance to create works that are about perception and the human condition," says Greer. "The observerís thoughts, feelings, and experience of each work are more interesting to me than my own."



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