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Art in Winter

Mulberry Art Studios will be presenting a two part exhibition of the private collection of April M. Koppenhaver, owner and founder of Mulberry Art Studios, this winter. The first part, entitled Art in Love, debuts in February, with the second part- Art in Winter– on display throughout the month of March. Art in Winter opens with a First Friday reception on March 3rd from 5pm until 9pm.

Art in Winter explores the theme of winter, showcasing landscapes of white, icy streams and frozen ponds, and evergreens with their boughs heavy with snow. Artists such as local favorites Gary Greene and Lonny VanBooven will be featured, among many others. Each piece was carefully selected by April M. Koppenhaver, who discussed both the season and the art with us.

Art in Winter

"Personally, winter is my least favorite season. I often find my jaws aching because I unconsciously clench my teeth to get through the unbearable cold Easterly winds. The idea of “fighting through the cold” stems from working two winters during the development of Mulberry Art Studios with absolutely no heat! It was colder inside the building than outside on Grant St.

There are, however, some wonderful aspects of winter such as snow days when schools, shopping centers and roads are closed. When there is absolutely no traffic -- before people begin to shovel their sidewalks and before the road crews are out salting -- to walk in the stillness of nature in the city or the country is a profound experience. I then become mesmerized with the awesome beauty of winter.

Winter causes me to pause and reflect on simple joys such as breathing, family and the magnificent power of nature. My favorite winter scenes are of trees glistening from the frozen rain encasing each branch. Winter is also a great excuse for drinking hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream and enjoying the warmth and glow of a portable space heater.

As in life, winter reminds me that “this, too, shall pass” and the rebirth of spring is just around the corner

-April M. Koppenhaver

Art in Winter

Alice Schwager & Bert Moyer: RENDEZVOUS in BLACK & WHITE

Mixed media artist Alice Schwager and painter Bert Moyer challenged one another with a collaborative art project that gave birth to a new exhibition, Rendezvous in Black & White, which will be housed at Mulberry Art Studios throughout the month of March. A First Friday opening reception will be held from 4pm-9pm on March 3rd.

Alice Schwager creates her artwork from a place of healing intention. She believes that everything in this Universe is energy and everything in life is vibration. Her experimentation with vibrant colors, texture, collage, mixed media materials and manipulation of form is intended to create paintings that have an important mission- she intends for them to be messengers of healing. “My hope is that as you gaze upon the paintings and reflect, that you may find some healing force within you,” says Schwager.

Alice Schwager & Bert Moyer

Where Schwager draws from emotion, Bert Moyer leads with structure. He looks to artists like Frank Lloyd Wright and Charles Renee Mackintosh, who were able to see within the chaos of nature, a simple & elegant structure. “With observation, technique and artistic imagination, the structure can be made visible,” comments Moyer. “This is what I try to do in my paintings.”

The pairing of these two very different artists creates a challenging, interesting, and ultimately rewarding artistic experience both for the artists and the viewers alike. Schwager and Moyer allowed us in as flies on the wall during their conversations leading up to the creation of Rendezvous in Black & White, an experience that is best told in their own words:
Alice: I really, honestly wanted to get Bert painting because I love his work. I wanted to challenge him out of his “hibernation.” When you create you come alive. I had to get him to challenge himself.
Bert: I accepted her challenge. Knowing Alice for many years & her works of pulsating imagery & radiating color... it was intriguing to ‘collaborate”... since I have been working in black & white images for many years.
Alice: I was challenged by his Black & White. I never painted that way. All my work was vibrant color – going to Black & White was crazy!
Bert: I felt working with Alice & her abstract thinking would be fun and the process would expand my ‘visual toolbox.’

Join us at Mulberry to see how it all came together!


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