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Rhe De Ville: An Unexpected Discovery

Rhe De Ville, an NYC artist with roots right here in Lancaster County, will be returning to PA for her debut exhibition this June. This collection is selected from work created during the first two years of her painting discovery, typically work with acrylic and watercolor paint, charcoal, and oil pastels on both canvas and paper. While the pieces range in subject matter, execution, media and style, all have been created with fluid yet carefree abandon, merely confined and controlled by the edges of the canvas or paper. Experience the artwork for yourself at a First Friday Opening Reception on June 2 from 5pm until 9pm- or drop by during regular gallery hours throughout the month of June.

Rhe De Ville (born Mary Frances Grabowski) is a self-taught American contemporary artist. Originally from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, she is the ninth and youngest child of a musical family.

Rhe moved to Manhattan in 1987 to follow her artistic calling in the performing arts. But by her mid-30s she discovered a natural eye for video and photography. During sessions with live or still-life subjects she found herself “painting” them with light and composition via the frame of her camera lens.

Never realizing she had any ability, much less talent, as a painter, especially for drawing, Rhe was never trained. It wasn’t until January of 2015 when, out of sheer curiosity, she picked up a paintbrush and effortlessly discovered, as well as uncovered, her instant connection to the art form.

She has since blossomed into a highly prolific artist in a remarkably short amount of time. In addition to selling her artwork, Rhe receives commissions on a regular basis and is quickly gaining a following of private collectors. Her subject matter is drawn from her eclectic view of life through the filter of her vivid imagination met with the raw energy consistent in her unique style.

Her joy of creating art and the playful, fearless and unedited approach to her newly discovered passion extends to the manner in which she exhibits and shares her work with friends and clients, hosting intimate, salon-style soirees at her home on Central Park West in New York City.

"Since life is energy, my artwork seeks to contain this energy in whatever form, line, shape, color, style, and subject it chooses to become in the physical realm. Once inspired, I am passionate to find its unique expression of beauty and truth. Or rather, its voice," explains Rhe.

Sheila O'Keefe Braun: Standing in Glory

Step carefully into Mulberry Art Studios this June.  The art is on the floor.

Fine artist Sheila O'Keefe Braun has moved from the walls down to the floor with her beautiful collection of painted cloths in her new exhibit, Standing in Glory.  The exhibit opens with a First Friday Reception on June 2nd from 5pm until 9pm. 

Sheila O'Keefe Braun

Born to create, Sheila O'Keefe Braun has transitioned, in the past few years, from portraying a defined object or scene to reaching for familiar and unfamiliar meaningful depth while provoking the eye. O'Keefe Braun paints from a spiritual perspective using her fingers, sometimes knives, as her brushes. While attempting to listen she paints layers, removes layers. layers again hiding one story beneath another. Stories of people, emotion, places, governments, and other aspects of lives.

With the above thoughts in mind, O'Keefe Braun paints her floor cloths in acrylics on vinyl similar to the concept of the old canvas floor cloths but with greater freedom. These may be found hanging as tapestries, as prayer or exercise mats or some as with any placement of area rugs, in entryways, under dining tables and more. They are UV coated and may be seen in  outdoor rooms. "They are art in the participatory fashion of not only breaking the no touching aspect of art but now the pleasure of walking, dancing or lying on," says O'Keefe Braun. 

So, why the shift to art on the floor?  "For about twenty years I had it in mind to paint vinyl floor cloths," she explains. "It is a joy to create walk on art- to be able to stand, sit, lie down in the midst of a painting surrounded by color and message is delicious to me."  And recently, unplanned, life slowed down enough to allow her to follow that desire.  O'Keefe Braun, who up until now painted on canvas, recently found herself struggling after a traumatic head injury. The neurologist told her to continue painting, as it will help the healing. "I tried doing traditional stencils but somehow they always began to flourish into more color more swirls more expression," says O'Keefe Braun.

Hello Addie

Hello Addie will have a Pop Up Boutique at Mulberry Art Studios on Friday June 2 from 12pm - 9pm and on Saturday June 3 from 10am - to 9pm.

Hello Addie is an online, women's clothing boutique that strives to bring shoppers brands that are curated with quality, and comfort at affordable price points. They believe that the more comfortable you are, the more confident you feel - and confidence is what radiates a women's natural beauty. Their motto is "a comfortable you, is the confident you".

Hello Addie will be offering promotional sales on both Friday and Saturday, but they are keeping it a secret as to what they are! New items will be available exclusively at the pop up shop that will not be available online, or anywhere else.

Sheila O'Keefe Braun
More info about Hello Addie can be found online at www.shophelloaddie.com or on social media @shophelloaddie.



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