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Art in Love

Art in Love Mulberry Art Studios will be presenting a two part exhibition of the private collection of April M. Koppenhaver, owner and founder of Mulberry Art Studios, this winter. The first part, entitled Art in Love, will be on display throughout the month of February and opens with a First Friday reception on February 3rd from 5pm until 9pm.

As one might expect, Art in Love focuses on the central theme of love- a theme appropriate for the month that is home to Valentine's Day. But, as Koppenhaver explains below, this exhibit will dive in a bit deeper than the average Valentine's day greeting card sentiments of love.

Art in Love

Often when you think of love, you think of flowers, romance and the glee mania of falling in love. Glee mania (euphoric, eternally optimistic, rose-colored-glasses kind of movie fantasy love) lasts about six weeks…three months if you’re lucky. But, in reality, LOVE is the testimony of devoted care, no matter what life’s circumstances present. It’s made up of the small, everyday rituals that, over time, may seem tedious and trivial and sometimes even painful.

Through the years, I have often purchased art that has inspired me to think of the romantic, fantasy kind of young love. However, I have also chosen art that depicts the strength of love through the journey of life…between relationships, nature and ourselves. Love can be a breath of fresh air, a ray of sunshine, or a rainbow of hope from God. It has always been a joy to share my love of art and inspiration with those who have believed in and appreciated my vision. It is with love that I have worked with our many talented artists, dancers, musicians and community members. It has been a privilege and honor to have lovingly worked for Lancaster City’s transformation over the last 28 years. I feel like I have accomplished my goals for this community and I am excited to take what Mulberry Art Studios has created in Lancaster to other cities and communities across our country.

There is still a lot of love to go around!"

-April M. Koppenhaver

Art in Love


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