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Perry Tibbins: Gift of Rebirth

Perry Tibbins will be bringing a collection of his work entitled Gift of Rebirth to Mulberry Art Studios this October.  The exhibit will open with a First Friday artist’s reception from 5-9 on October 7. 

The work in this exhibition- all acrylic paintings on canvas- fall into three main categories: Scenes and Landscapes of Guatemala, Local Landscapes, and Portraits.

Perry Tibbins

Tibbins first delved into acrylics while working on his first mural and has been primarily painting in that medium ever since. Tibbins considers himself to be an active observer of light and distance and the complex relationship between the two. “Like many artists, I often find myself restless, generally painting four or five different canvases (usually with drastically different subject matters) at the same time,” Tibbins says. “Through the years, I have come to focus mainly on landscapes and portraits, producing over 50 original acrylic canvases and 8 different murals. In this, my first studio exhibit, I hope to capture not only the development of myself as an artist but to provide a glimpse into the blessed journey that has been my life and the people and places along the way.”

Perry Tibbins is a local acrylic artist from New Holland, PA. Raised in Selinsgrove, PA and drawn to art from an early age, Perry graduated from Millersville University in 1973 with a degree in Arts Education. Following graduation and several years as a teacher, he stepped away from the artistic community to raise a family. In 2013, Perry's beloved wife of 42 years, Carol, passed away suddenly leaving a void that would come to be filled by his rediscovery of art. Since 2013, Perry has produced dozens of works including landscapes and portraits as well as various commissioned murals both locally and abroad.

Teri Edgeworth

Teri Edgeworth, a local artist who has shown regularly at Mulberry Art Studios for many years now, is bringing a new collection of work to the gallery this October. Authenticity is a return to the breathtaking beach scenes that have become synonymous with the name Teri Edgeworth, and will not disappoint those who have been following her work throughout the years. An opening reception will be held on First Friday, October 7, from 5pm until 9pm. 

The name Authenticity grew out of a year spent with Edgeworth literally renovating her home and intent on changing her painting style.  Each started with grand ideas, and took on their own style in the end. “As the year went on I learned to switch a draft quickly and go with instinct and to realize some things are best staying with my original idea,” Edgworth comments. She had planned on "renovating" her painting style and learned that it's who she is.  If she is to be authentic and true to herself, then she had to admit that painting the sea is still where her heart is. “All ocean waves have the pull, the crash of the water going into intricate foam designs, but each is as individual as a human and to change them into something they’re not would deprive us of their authenticity,” Edgeworth wisely states.  As a viewer of these works, the love of the sea and the love of the craft are evident in each brush stroke on every canvas that graces the walls.

For more information on this artist, and to commission your own piece, visit her website at teriedgeworthart.com.


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