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Zachary Roberts
April M Koppenhaver
From Chaos & Confusion to Cohesive Community

Check out this exclusive glimpse behind the scenes of April M Koppenhaver's latest installation exhibit- CREATIVITY: From Chaos & Confusion to Cohesive Community- on display at Mulberry Art Studios tomorrow for November First Friday!

Zachary Roberts: An American FamilyZachary Roberts

An American Family, a collection of black and white images from photographer Zachary Roberts, will be on display at Mulberry Art Studios this November, and promises to be a quietly powerful exhibition that is certain to touch the heart of every viewer- especially those local to Amish country, PA who remember the tragedy at the Nickel Mines Amish School. 

Zachary Roberts is the younger brother of the gunman who stormed the school that day, killing five Amish girls before taking his own life.  This October marks ten years since the massacre. (Readers who are not familiar with this tragic event can find more details at www.lancasterpa.com/amish/amish-school-shooting/.)

Originally from Strasburg, PA, Zachary Roberts currently resides in Stockholm, Sweden. His main source of inspiration is early black and white documentary photographers. He aims to show life as it is, in the moment.

The photographs of An American Family were taken in Pennsylvania when Roberts returned for several months this year to spend some time with his mother, who is dying of cancer.

“After having taken, edited and put those images together into some kind of coherent story, I feel that the difficulties of living with the tragedy of the last ten years has now subsided and I can talk about what happened. These images are a tribute to the Amish, my mother and the rest of my family. I specifically wanted to honor my mother who I hold in the highest level of respect. My mother has been using the last years to speak publicly, and I have been sitting in very large crowds of people listening to her. Her message of forgiveness is very powerful and evokes strong emotional reactions in her audience, and even catalyzes acts of forgiveness in their lives. In the remaining moments of my mother's life I can feel nothing but the highest level pride to have been lucky enough to have her as my parent,” Roberts explains.

An American Family opens with a First Friday Reception on November 4 from 5pm until 9pm, and will remain on exhibit throughout the month of November.

Zachary Roberts recognizes the Luminous Endowment for Photographers for making a significant financial contribution to support this Project. Without such support, this Project would not have been possible. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from this exhibit will benefit the Nickel Mines Accountability Committee, which helps the surviving girls' families with their medical care.

Lonny VanBooven: Expressions with Passion

Expressions with Passion is the newest body of work to come from local photographer Lonny VanBooven, who has shown with Mulberry twice before. This collection will be on display at Mulberry Art Studios throughout the month of November. The public is invited to come out and meet the artist at a First Friday Opening Reception on November 4 from 5-9pm.

Expressions with Passion consists of a variety of photographs on subject matters including local buildings, farmhouses, birds, trees, flowers, and wildlife. VanBooven has even tossed in a few abstract and black and white pieces. With the vast array of images, he hopes there is at least one image that will speak to each viewer who visits the gallery.

VanBooven is a professional photographer who resides in Millersville, and has been photographing the world around him for about 30 years now. Photography is a great passion of his, and he loves to continuously learn more about his craft. VanBooven shoots weddings, special events, portraits, photo restorations, graphic design, custom framing and matting. More on this artist can be found at lonnyvanboovenphotography.com.

Roxayne Veasey: The VZ Bakelite Collection Roxayne Veasey

On November 4th from 5pm till 9pm, Roxayne Veasey will be previewing her VZ Bakelite Collection at Mulberry Art Studios. This collection is the fruit of a full year of labor, and features necklaces, bracelets and pins – each piece a one of a kind creation designed to showcase vintage Bakelite findings curated from around the world.

Roxayne Veasey began her art career as a painter in the 1970s, in the carving studio of her father- author and award winning wild life carver William Veasey. Roxayne credits her father as a teacher and inspiration for pursuing a lifelong enjoyment of artistic expression. Today that enjoyment finds expression in The VZ Bakelite Collection. "My love affair began in the 1960s when my father brought home a box of fabulous Bakelite jewelry for my mother and I to "play with". To this day Bakelite reminds me of my mother and the fun we had with these bright, huge pieces of jewelry," Roxayne explains.

Bakelite jewelry was first popular during the Art Deco period. These early pieces of costume jewelry were used as a way to dress up a daily outfit with bold colorful statement pieces. Dr. Leo Bakeland invented Bakelite in the early 1900s. Originally used to make housings for electronics, Bakelite's bold colorful resins became the iconic expression of costume jewelry. The Art Deco style was a different sort of style that represented a new level of freedom for women. Coco Chanel, one of the biggest influencers of the flapper look, introduced a series of bold Bakelite statement accessories meant to be worn as art. Today, antique and vintage Bakelite is rare and highly collectable.


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