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Bernadette Cachuela: Exhibit #2 Very Self-Referential

“Art goes a long way for me, it’s not just painting, it’s not just when I take pictures or when I’m cooking, Art is everywhere. I see the world differently and that is why many don’t understand me. I’m ok with that because it makes sense in other aspects. What I hope people take from my work is just the utter chaos I see all the time in my life and in others and how things aren’t always as they appear.” -Bernadette Cachuela

Bernadette Cachuela will be bringing her abstract oil and acrylic paintings to Mulberry Art Studios this January for her second exhibition at the gallery. The exhibit opens with a First Friday reception from 5pm until 9pm on January 1st, and will continue throughout the month of January.

Bernadette Cachuela

Bernadette is a multi-media artist from Ephrata, PA. She has been creating art her whole life with different inspirations coming from life experiences. Painting has always been an outlet and she shares her emotions in a lot of her paintings by using vibrant colors and interesting designs.


On the first day of the new year, and for one evening only, Ben Farrell's latest creation- an installation piece entitled UNDERDEVELOPED + OVEREXPOSED- will be open for the public to experience. Take in the art during a First Friday reception on January 1st from 5pm until 9pm at Mulberry Art Studios.

Ben Farrell's UNDERDEVELOPED + OVEREXPOSED is the first of a two part installation piece set one year apart. "A dark comment on the pomp of imagery" UD+OE will exhibit firstly a microcosm and secondly a macrocosm of imagery for imagery's sake. Sculptural elements and found objects replace the use of any photography to portray image sharing as a grand parade of indulgence where the image may even, if fact, be you.

The window to experience this intriguingly unique exhibition is incredibly small, available for only 4 hours.  Don't miss it.

Scott Church



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