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A.C. Johnson: Windows & Portals to a Season of Abstraction

The grey days of February will be brightened by the colorful, mixed media canvases of A Johnson when he brings his newest collection of work, entitled Windows & Portals to a Season of Abstraction, to Mulberry Art Studios. The exhibit opens with a First Friday Reception on February 5th from 5pm until 9pm, and continues throughout the month of February.

Windows & Portals to a Season of Abstraction express Johnson’s perspective of the changing of the seasons, from the personal experiences of the artist to a vantage point that is meant to be larger than self. As such, the body of work is derivative not of style, but of experience. A  Military Academy graduate, former Army Airborne Ranger, pilot, engineer, inventor, author, poet; this somewhat (we’re being sarcastic here) unconventionally pedigreed artist has been interested in the art and ritual of Native American culture for many years. This warrior poet, like most who have served, is no lover of war, and his life’s journey has brought out a deep spiritual vein. His study of Hopi culture and oral traditions in particular, informs and inspires his latest body of work.

A.C. Johnson: Windows & Portals to a Season of Abstraction

I believe that there is an awakening of consciousness going on among many, at an increasing tempo, meant to inspire us to a more meaningful path,” comments Johnson. “The now pressing question, I have also come to believe, is whether or not we will embrace this more caring and spiritual side of our being, more in harmony with our environment and our fellow man. It is a shared view of an increasing number of us, and an awareness I hope this collection of work will help further.”

LancasteOnline, Feb 3 2016
Exhibit of abstract works by artist/warrior opens Friday at Mulberry Art Studios

The Art of Matthew Thomas Abruzzo

Mulberry Art Studios will be exhibiting the work of late artist Matthew Thomas Abruzzo in February. A First Friday opening reception will be held from 5-9 on Feb 5.

Abruzzo, who died in December 2013, began creating art as a nine year old in the New York Student Art League. He worked in oil, acrylic, watercolor, and charcoal. Though he enjoyed still life, his true love was his own brand of abstract painting, which he called organic abstract expressionism.

The show has been curated by his wife, Ann. The two were college sweethearts, who parted ways and were later reunited in their 60s. They married in 1995. 

Thomas Abruzzo

LancasteOnline, Feb 3 2016
Wife curates exhibit of works by late husband opening Friday at Mulberry Art Studios,

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