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Leslie McCarthy: Shine

Local artists Leslie McCarthy will be bringing her new exhibit of work, entitled Shine, to Mulberry Art Studios this August. This collection features McCarthy’s unique contemporary style of painting, which is characterized by strong themes and moving narratives. The public is encouraged to come out and meet the artist at a First Friday Opening Reception on August 5th from 5pm-9pm. 

“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere” -Albert Einsein.

Imagination is the key ingredient to painting for Leslie McCarthy. She grew up in an area where there was little appreciation for the arts, and although she always had a passion for imagining and creating new things, she was never encouraged to explore her talent. As a result she began to pursue drawing and painting at a later age than most of her contemporaries. Since her senior year of college she has been hard at work discovering the exciting ways to transfer her imagination onto a canvas.

Leslie McCarthy

As a self-taught artist, her personal exploration of art has helped her to create her own unique style. She has created works in pastels, watercolor, and pencils. Her most recent artistic adventure has been discovering her love of acrylics and the many wonderful effects that can be created with that medium.

Her love of painting is a result of the inspiration she finds in her family, her friends, her faith, places she’s traveled, and stories she’s heard.  Her desire to draw the viewer in and keep them engaged is apparent through her display of bold colors and vivid contrasts.  Her fantastical imagery is strengthened by her use of ambiguous people, curved lines, and playful impressions. 

Her art, she says, “is a concoction of one-quarter paint, one-quarter technique, a big dose of life experience, and A LOT of heART.



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