Yunia Lores: Stereotypes

Cuban artist Yunia Lores is bringing her latest body of work, entitled Stereotypes, to Mulberry Art Studios in May. The show will open On May 1st, in conjunction with her husband’s Aerial Abstraction exhibit in another one of Mulberry’s gallery spaces. The public is invited to come out and meet this creative couple and view their artwork at a First Friday Opening Reception on May 1st from 5pm until 9pm. The exhibits will also be on display throughout the month of May during regular gallery hours, on weekdays from 10am until 4pm. 

Yunia Lores speaks about her work:

The study and artistic representation of the human body has been the unifying theme of my work. I have always felt the need to examine its essence in depth, regarding both the exterior and interior sides. My painting explores formal, aesthetic aspects, academic stereotypes and moral prejudices. I attribute nudity various meanings and interpretations from mythology to the study of anatomy, through the representation of beauty and aesthetic ideal of perfection of ancient Greece. 

The body is the expression of attributes, values and dreams. It is source of pleasure, pain, sorrow and joy. My painting aims to reflect the intimate relationship between the physical and spiritual aspects of the human being. My work gives special relevance and depth to the heart as birthplace of every single feeling and emotion. After all, life begins and ends with a heartbeat. The heart is a muscle that functions without any involvement from our conscious will. We tend to associate our own personal self driven acts to a heart function. Everyday expressions such as: “to have a golden heart” or “to be heartbroken” clearly show to which extent the heart-emotions relationship is rooted in our beliefs and language. In my latest work I use a heart placed above the head symbolizing a search of the place the soul lies; humanity's great mystery.

Yunia Lores

The images I work with come from pictures I take of live models, fashion magazines, bullfighting portals, and anatomy atlas. I aim to combine power, lust, compassion, elegance and poetry as an act of freedom. My paintings represent an exaltation of life, of the transformations that generate feelings.

Eduardo Verdecia: Aerial Abstraction

Aerial Abstraction, a collection of artwork from Eduardo Verdecia, will be exhibited in the Louise Gallery at Mulberry Art Studios throughout the month of May.  The show opens on May 1st with a First Friday Opening Reception on May 1st from 5pm until 9pm, during which time the public is invited to come out and meet the artist and view his artwork. The exhibit will also be on display throughout the month of May during regular gallery hours, on weekdays from 10am until 4pm.

Eduardo Verdecia

Eduardo Verdecia is a Cuban artist whose work's strong social criticism aroused lively polemics in the late 90s. He began using self-portrait and ambiguous elements to deliver direct social criticism from his own personal experience. In 2001, Verdecia immigrated to the United States, where as a result of new experiences, and a whole new context, he decided to re-invent himself as an abstract painter. His present work is based on the transformation of Google Maps and GPS obtained images into visually striking colorful abstract paintings.  “I use real road trip images and data from my GPS, together with screen captures of aerial views taken from my computer. I combine details from both cityscapes and rural landscapes in an abstract perception of reality,” Verdecia explains.

Verdecia's work explores the relationship between nature and man-made environment, through a process that involves translating digital images to the language of painting; simplifying, and transforming purely technological elements into lacking of common sense compositions. This is an attempt to provoke the viewer into reflecting on the work's formal structures, and reconsidering their very own notions of perception. “My work is a celebration of all the aspects conditioned by modern life” says Verdecia, “while raising a question mark against the uncertainty of our present time.”

Katherine Horst: A Place Called Home

Local artist Katherine Horst will be bring her newest collection of collage landscapes, entitled A Place Called Home, to Mulberry Art Studios this May. “I am inspired by the natural world around me” says Katherine. “The imagery comes from observation through the plein air process. The Lancaster and Lebanon countryside drives the built landscapes in my collages. I venture outside into the elements for a better understanding of my palette and composition. I then take the forms and colors from my outdoor experience and add symbolic metaphors.”  Katherine’s beautiful nature-inspired mixed media pieces are formed of found materials ranging from paper to paint, built upon canvas, paper or board. 

Katherine Horst

She graduated from Pennsylvania College of Art and Design in the spring of 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in fine art. With her knowledge and experience in the traditional mediums of fine art such as oil painting and printmaking, Katherine is now working with more experimental forms. She is currently using the medium of mixed media collage. She sees the toned paper and found scraps as brush marks on her surface. She enjoys the freedom in the genre of collage and she looks forward to her ever-changing process.


The Healing Art of Acupuncture at Mulberry Art Studios during Spring Art Walk

Nick Dower, of Dower Wellness on Walnut Street, will be bringing the healing art of acupuncture and cupping to Mulberry Art Studios during downtown Lancaster’s beloved Spring Art Walk.  Nick will be chatting about the philosophies of Chinese medicine, offering free acupuncture treatments, and doing cupping demonstrations from 10am-2pm on Saturday and from noon until 4pm on Sunday.

Nick Dower has been practicing and studying various forms of wellness for almost a decade.  His focus is on Eastern medicine combined with modern exercise and nutrition in order to create a balance of health that carries over into all aspects of life.  The utilization of Acupuncture and holistic health guidance helps him develop strategies that are customized for each individual so they may begin feeling an optimal sense of wellbeing.

Before earning his Masters of Acupuncture Degree, Nick completed undergraduate studies in Biology and Biochemistry at Millersville University. Nick gained an understanding of the intricate web of connections within the human body. This helped him build a foundation of evidence-based knowledge crucial for staying grounded while practicing alternative medicine.

Together with his wife Debra, Nick created Dower Wellness, where the husband and wife team offers a variety of alternative health solutions. Their base of operation is at Wellness on Walnut, where they provide modalities including yoga, acupuncture, meditation, and massage. Both Debra and Nick are licensed professionals who have helped many individuals with conditions from chronic pain to emotional distress.

Wellness on Walnut is located in beautiful downtown Lancaster at 219 West Walnut Street. For more information, or to set up a consultation or appointment, please visit the center's website at or call in at 717-390-9998.

Nick Dower, of Dower Wellness on Walnut Street

Burton AulisioBurton Aulisio: Live Demos of Galactic Art

Galactic artist Burton Aulisio will be doing live demonstrations of his airbrush and aerosol paintings of out-of-this-world scenes at Mulberry Art Studios during downtown Lancaster’s Spring Art Walk.  Demos will be held on Saturday, May 2nd from 11am until 4pm and Sunday, May 3rd from 1pm until 4pm, under a tent in the parking lot of the gallery, as long as the weather cooperates.

Burton Aulisio employs a conceptual approach when creating his images of the Universe. This approach allows him to investigate the dynamics of earthly landscapes, and manipulate them to create what he envisions as Space Scapes found within our Universe. Rather than creating a factual reality- an illusion is fabricated, that conjures up his imagination to create what he calls Galactic Art. “My work allows me to explore the tantalizing realm of where the finite meets the infinite” Aulisio says. This body of work includes both airbrush as well as aerosol acrylics in its composition. Both mediums offer brilliant color and delicate details to create his other worldly art. [RIGHT -Detail of "Into the Void"]

"ArtWalk is out of this world thanks to the artwork of Burt Aulisio", MARY ELLEN WRIGHT, Staff Writer, LancasterOnline

World of Learning AcademyChildren's Art & Creative Play Time with World of Learning Academy

Family fun will abound during Spring Art Walk at Mulberry Art Studios on Saturday, May 2, as World of Learning Academy hosts art activities for children of all ages. Kids will be able to participate in a collaborative collage project, create a fun spring themed make & take craft, and play with some hands on educational toys and a kinetic sand sensory bin. All activities are free and there is no need to register, just pop in anytime between 10am and 2pm. This event will be taking place in Mulberry Art Studios’ “Mulberry on King” location, which is located right around the corner from the main gallery at 255 West King Street.

The World of Learning Academy is committed to providing a high quality preschool education and extended care program where children aged 18 months – 5 years build knowledge, skills, self-esteem and confidence. Students have the opportunity to learn about themselves and other cultures that promote mutual understanding and the acceptance of diversity in the community. World of Learning Academy welcomes a broad spectrum of families to contribute to and participate in our enriching programs.  For more information, please visit

Couture CupcakesCouture Cupcakes Brings the Sweetness to Spring Art Walk

Couture Cupcakes, a hand-made high-fashion cupcake boutique, will be bringing the sweetness to Spring Art Walk at Mulberry Art Studios. Be sure to stop by Mulberry Art Studios to treat yourself, and indulge your sweet tooth! Couture Cupcakes will be set up at the gallery on Saturday, May 2 from 10-2.   

Couture Cupcakes is a home based, delivery only, gourmet cupcake business. Owner/baker Shelly Yoder designs cupcakes for any theme or occasion but she’s always most in love with the cupcakes she creates for children.  “There's nothing like the look on a child's face when they open our pink box and see their cupcakes for the first time” says Shelly.  2015 marks Couture Cupcakes 5th year in business, and she’s excited to continue sharing my sweet creations with the Lancaster community. 

Visit to learn more about this lovely, local baker.

Candace Greenberg ThompsonCandace Greenberg Thompson:
Gestural Vestiges & Origins and Emergence

Monotype and dry point prints from local artist Candace Greenberg Thompson’s constantly evolving Gestural Vestiges collection and her new Origins and Emergence series will be featured at Mulberry Art Studios during Spring Art Walk on Saturday, May 2 from 10am until 5pm. 

Both collections consist of pencil, watercolor, and mixed media drawings.  The Gestural Vestiges pieces explore the nature of drawing, temporality, and memory, as these concepts relate to the human mind and body, while the work of Origins and Emergence springs from the artist’s examination of her own origins, and from thinking about emergence in terms of spring, new beginnings, and happy surprises. 

For as long as she can remember, Candace has been enamored with drawing.  "I am captivated and confounded by the continuity of this world, and the fragmented systems of thought and language we have developed to measure, describe, and document it. I use line as a metaphor and a strategy to comprehend this dichotomy. Line simultaneously represents continuity and fragmentation. Cutting concepts (and lines) into segments, creates two not-necessarily-natural ends and denotes comings and goings: which is which? This fragile, flickering, fluttering line speaks to a lack of fixedness, and the potential for a change in position, or a waver brought about by the smallest of things."  Having explored various subjects through media including oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, collage, charcoal, and pencil, her recent work celebrates the act of drawing as her subject.
Thompson was born in a Chicago suburb and raised in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Millersville University with a bachelor’s degree in Art Education and from Maryland Institute College of Art with an M.F.A. in Studio Art. For 13 years, she was an art teacher at Penn Manor High School in Millersville, PA. Thompson currently lives in Lancaster and teaches art at Lancaster Country Day.

Zumba at Art Walk with Rae Johnson Bundy Zumba at Art Walk with Rae Johnson Bundy

Rae Johnson Bundy will be bringing the energy to Spring Art Walk at Mulberry Art Studios on Sunday, May 3.  She’ll be just around the corner from the main gallery, at their Mulberry on King building at 255 West King Street, where she’ll be holding a fun, free hour of Zumba from 2pm-3pm.  No experience is needed, and registration is not required.  Just swing by, feel the music, and get moving!

Rae Johnson Bundy, who is a licensed Zumba instructor here in Lancaster, began dancing back in the 1970s, and is still having the time of her life teaching Zumba in her 50s.  She teaches well over a dozen classes a week in several different locations. A class schedule and more details can be found on her website,

Maria HersheyHand Crafted Jewelry & Pottery by Maria Hershey

Maria Hershey has been creating professionally beaded jewelry and hand thrown pottery for 20 years, and is thrilled to share her love of handmade art with the community during Spring Art Walk at Mulberry Art Studios on Saturday, May 2 from 10am until 5pm.

Maria Hershey loves creating clay vessels; functional works of art that are enjoyed every day, making our simple routines more enjoyable and comforting. Smooth rims, luxurious glazes, attention to balance and decorative details all make her handmade pottery the perfect addition to daily life.

Maria also loves making jewelry, and loves the way a piece of jewelry can evoke a mood or a style and transform and personalize an outfit. “Beads are wonderfully tactile and sensual. I love the feel of them caressing my neck and dancing on my wrist. I love how they look sparkling in the sunlight and twinkling in candlelight. I love handling them, stringing them and weaving them. And I love being inspired by them — combining colors, textures and techniques to create my own personal style,” says Maria.

Leslie McCarthy ArtLeslie McCarthy Art

Leslie McCarthy will be bringing prints of her acrylic paintings to Mulberry Art Studios for Spring Art Walk from 10am until 5pm on Saturday, May 2.

Leslie McCarthy has been hard at work creating art for the past 12 years. Her most recent artistic adventure has been discovering her love of painting with acrylics and the many wonderful effects that can be created with such a medium. She has been working diligently to establish her own unique contemporary style of art that is characterized by strong themes and moving narratives.

Leslie’s love of painting is a result of the inspiration she finds in her family, her friends, her faith, places she’s traveled, and stories she’s heard. Her desire to draw the viewer in and keep them engaged is apparent through her display of bold colors and vivid contrasts. Her imagery is strengthened by her use of ambiguous people, curved lines, and playful impressions.

Learn more about Leslie McCarthy and her artwork at

Rebecca DiMaioRebecca DiMaio: Landscapes with Oils

Rebecca DiMaio first brought her breath-takingly beautiful Landscapes with Oils collection to Mulberry Art Studios for a month long exhibition in March 2015. Her work made such an impression that she was asked to return with prints from the collection for Spring Art Walk. Rebecca and her artwork will be at Mulberry Art Studios from 10am until 5pm on Saturday, May 2.

As the title of the collection implies, Rebecca DiMaio’s Landscapes with Oils consists of landscape paintings, mostly local scenes and beach scenes, done in oil on canvas. DiMaio works in layers, and thins the paint with Liquin in order to keep the surface of the canvas smooth. The result is a refined piece of art, incredibly detailed, accurate, and colorful. “In my art, I seek to enhance color and detail as much as possible,” DiMaio says. “I am fixated on nature and the billions of moments of beauty that happen every second in the world we live in. I have yet to find any wild landscape that isn’t beautiful.” Her canvases certainly reflect her outlook.

Rebecca DiMaio is a young, up and coming artist who grew up in Gaithersburg, Maryland and currently resides in Chester County. DiMaio began studying painting in high school, did commission work throughout college and has since developed a large body of work, and traveled across the country selling it at different fine arts shows.

Food For Thought CateringFood For Thought Catering

Food For Thought Catering will be cooking up some delicious light fare at Mulberry Art Studios during Art Walk on Saturday, May 2 from 10-5 and on Sunday, May 3 from 12-4.  Mulberry Art Studios is located at 19-21 North Mulberry Street, and offers free, convenient parking in their private lot.

Food For Thought Catering, which is a partner in Lancaster Buy Fresh Buy Local, has over 25 years experience in offering full service catering for everything from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations.  Always conscientious about dietary needs, Food For Thought Catering will be sure to have gluten free, vegan, and kosher items on hand.  A sampling of their Spring Art Walk offerings include smoked chipotle veggie chili, white bean-chick pea hummus, Asian meatballs with toasted sesame seeds, all beef, kosher, gluten-free hot dogs and chili dogs, fresh fruit salad with or without a dollop of Greek yogurt, honey and granola.
Drinks will also be available, such as unsweetened brewed Earl Gray iced tea with fresh lime and basil, Rosewater lemonade, bottled water, and the customary assorted regular and diet sodas. 

For more information about Food For Thought, please visit:

Bricks 4 KidzBricks 4 Kidz at Spring Art Walk

It will be a child's dream come true at Mulberry Art Studios during Spring Art  Walk when Bricks 4 Kidz sets up their Life Size Lego Man (perfect for a photo op!), Spin Art machine, and tons of Legos for free play with their signature brand of fun.  Stop by Mulberry Art Studios "Mulberry on King" location at 255 West King Street on Saturday, May 2 from 2pm until 5pm, and on Sunday, May 3 from noon until 1:30pm.

Bricks 4 Kidz is an exciting program that introduces children to S.T.E.M. concepts by letting students experience hands-on engineering fundamentals as they build motorized models using LEGO© bricks.

Bricks 4 Kidz offers afterschool programs, workshops, summer camps as well as birthday parties.  For more information please visit

Grace PhotosGrace Photos

Valerie Smith, owner of Grace Photos, will be at Mulberry Art Studio offering fun, free, mini-photo shoots as part of the gallery's Art Walk festivities on Saturday, May 2 from 12-4. Guests are encouraged to pop in either alone or with friends and family. They can bring any sort of meaningful props, if they wish.

Valerie says she loves the idea of photographing people in a way that "honors the special relationships." Her plan is to "capture people and put the photos along with a little something they write about what that person brings to their life."

Valerie has been a photographer of newborns and expectant mothers for quite a while, and her love for her work shines through in each image.

To learn more about this lovely photographer and check out some of her beautiful work, please visit her website at

Lancaster Dance Community

Lancaster Dance Community hopes to get everyone moving to the music during Spring Art Walk at Mulberry Art Studios on Sunday, May 3. They'll begin at 1pm by offering free introductory or refresher lessons for Swing Dance and Blues Dance. The lessons will be followed by social dance time from 2-3:30pm. Registration is not necessary and no previous dance knowledge is needed. Bring a partner or find one there!

Tara's TreatsTara's Treats

Sunday will be sweet with gourmet cupcakes from Tara's Treats at Mulberry Art Studios from noon until 4pm.

Tara's Treats creates delicious homemade cupcakes baked with real, fresh ingredients and just for won't want to miss this! Check them out on Instagram: bakingtarastreats.

Vivace StringsVivace Strings brings Music to Mulberry

Vivace Strings brings Music to Mulberry Three members of Vivace Strings will be adding some music to the Art Walk festivities at Mulberry Art Studios from 1pm-2:30pm on Saturday, May 2.

The musicians- Sara Irvine on violin, Emily Brown on violin, and Bonnie Hultstrand on flute- will perform Classical, Irish/Celtic, and Standard Popular Favorites. Their beautiful version of "Stay With Me" can be seen on YouTube at For more information about Vivace Strings, please visit their website at:

Shifted Focus PhotographyShifted Focus Photography

Shifted Focus Photography is brand new to Lancaster, and they are excited to spend Art Walk weekend hanging out at Mulberry Art Studios and getting to meet the community. This husband and wife duo have traveled the world capturing life in portraits, events, and scenery. Check out their work at and be sure to come say hello on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

Guitarist Josh RoweGuitarist Josh Rowe

Guitarist Josh Rowe will be playing classical music at Mulberry Art Studios beginning at 2pm on Sunday as part of the gallery's Art Walk entertainment. Rowe is a local guitar teacher, career musician and Lancaster native who plays in a fusion of flamenco, South American Styles and classical.

With an equal appreciation for the traditional and the contemporary, he enjoys keeping performances diverse and engaging.


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