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Velma Magill & Caitlin Erb: Nobody

Velma Magill & Caitlin Erb’s newest collaborative exhibition, Nobody, will be coming to Mulberry Art Studios for the month of July. The show opens with a First Friday Reception on July 3 from 5pm until 9pm.

Nobody is a collaborative effort between Velma Magill and Caitlin Erb. The name comes from one of their favorite models, Mr. Nobody Special at Art of Recycle in Ephrata. But Nobody is more than just a nod to a dear friend. The exhibition explores the artists’ insecurities. Both have gone through periods of feeling like they are “nobodies.” We have all felt lost and alone at different times- felt like we didn’t matter to anyone. Nobody is an experiment in belonging, in “finding oneself.”

In a world of many bodies and teaming humanity, sometimes it feels like one is nobody. Having a place in a family and community feels like one belongs, and yet, there is the struggle to feel that one does. In a Cultural and Religious community that is home, it has been easy to be one who belongs, but still feel like nobody.

It is even more challenging when one has a sense of otherness; of being different, because the gifts one has is not the accepted ones of that familiar place. Not successful in growing beautiful plants, and gardens, nor making fantastic quilts. Nobody noticing the drawings and designs in the dirt, on Ritz cracker boxes, and homework, except a teacher who chided the sketches.

The place within that nobody had to find a voice of its own, and does. In ways that sometimes find a home within the hearts of other nobodies. And in the release of creation, the voice begins to find a place. Safe. Home. Somebody. Magill and Erb first met when Erb was in third grade and Magill was her art teacher. Magill has continued to teach Erb throughout her life, and the two have painted together weekly since 2007. Erb considers her to be one of her closest friends and greatest influences. The pair collaborated on an exhibit together in 2014 at Mulberry Art Studios, and are excited to return for their second show.

BELOW LEFT: Velma Magill | BELOW RIGHT: Caitlin Erb

Velma Magill | Caitlin Erb

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