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Kevin BedgoodKevin Bedgood: Sacred Places

Sacred Places, a collection of sculpted wood pieces by artist Kevin Bedgood, will be on exhibited at Mulberry Art Studios throughout the month of December.  A First Friday Opening Reception will be held on December 5th from 5pm until 9pm.

Bedgood had early exposure to woodworking.  As a child he would sweep up in his father’s hobby furniture making shop.  However, it really wasn’t until after spending time in the US Marine Corps that he began building some furniture of his own.  In the last 25 years, he has moved from designing and building furniture to more artistic woodturning and sculpting. 

Spiritual journeys often begin by people seeking “Sacred Places”, those out of the way, hard to find places that they believe will xinstill them with some unique insight with which to begin their journey.  The Sacred Places series is based on the realization that the truly sacred places already lie within us.  “It is our own internal sacred places that bring us the peace that we seek” states Bedgood.

Each of these lathe sculpted wood pieces explores the internal places that are the root of our strength, faith, tranquility, compassion and our peace.  No matter where in the world you go, you can always find the places of worship by the spires on top of their buildings.  These will vary in shape, size and design but they are consistent in that they are reaching for the heavens.  Bedgood uses these shapes, and places them within each piece to symbolize that we, ourselves, are truly our own house of worship.  We are our own sacred place.

The Sacred Project Film Screening
9 PM in the Loft at Mulberry Art Studios on Friday, Dec 5

Photographs (stills from the film) from 40+ women who participated in the Sacred Project will be on display at the gallery from 5pm until the film begins at 9pm.

Local nonprofit organization Sweet Pea Project will be hosting a special screening of the short film, the Sacred Project, at 9:00 PM on Friday, December 5.  The film contains images of 493 women from all around the world, (including 72 women from Pennsylvania), who all have something in common- they are all mothers of babies who died during pregnancy or infancy.  Instead of telling the stories of their sadness, this film shines a light on the beauty of being a mother and sharing your body with a baby, and it honors the sacred pieces of these women and the connection they will always have to their children.

The Sacred Project film was created by local artist/writer Stephanie Paige Cole and Australian film-maker Pia Dorer.  In addition to the stunning visuals from the 493 contributors, the film also features original artwork by Cole and Australian artist Carly Marie Dudley, and motion design from Ulrike Kerber of Viva Design.  And what you hear will be just as moving as what you see.  Sound clips of these mothers speaking words such as "I am sacred" in 18 different languages over hauntingly beautiful music written for the film by Omaha-based musician/sound-engineer Ian Aeillo, gives the piece a feeling of profound poignancy and gentle power.

The film will last only a few minutes and is free and open to the public.  More information about the Sacred Project, and a link to view the film for free after its December 1st release, can be found at www.thesacredproject.com. Registration for the screening is not required, but if you plan to attend please sign up at www.sweetpeaproject.org/sacred.

The Sacred Project Film Screening

Lancaster Camera Club’s Annual Exhibition

In December, Lancaster Camera Club will debut this year’s collection of fine art photography from its members at Mulberry Art Studios.  The public is invited to their First Friday Opening Reception on December 5th from 5pm until 9pm.

The Lancaster Camera Club has been a meeting place for professionals and amateur photographers since the 1980s. The club hosts monthly meetings and other special events including photo shoots, contests, hands-on workshops, and lectures with notable photographers. Heather L Shugars is President and Joe Hunt is Vice President.

White Barn at Sunset by Cynthia L Sperko Three Goats & a Goose by  Don Shenk Among the Dead by Heather L Shugars Milton on the International by John Flinchbaugh Furry, Wild, and Free by Phyllis E Wimer javascript photo galleriesby VisualLightBox.com v6.0

Find more information at the website www.lancastercameraclub.org and on Facebook

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