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April M. Koppenhaver: Eclectic Like Me

April M. KoppenhaverTwenty-seven years after founding and establishing Mulberry Art Studios, April M. Koppenhaver will be sharing her multi-faceted artwork in her very first solo exhibition. Eclectic Like Me will consist of photography, words and phrases, and pre-formed Styrofoam assembled as sculpture, and will be on exhibit at Mulberry Art Studios throughout the month of November. A First Friday Opening Reception will be held on November 7th from 5pm until 9pm.

“When people walk into Mulberry Art Studios they walk into my world” says Koppenhaver, “but when people walk into my exhibit, they will be walking into my heart.”

And there they will find a multi-dimensional exhibition unlike any other. Part photography, part sculpture, with inspirational quotes strewn throughout, Eclectic Like Me truly does invite the viewer into the depths of Koppenhaver’s warm and innovative heart. 

One screen will display hundreds of photographs that Koppenhaver has captured on her journeys through Canada, Greece, Turkey, France, China, Brazil, and Argentina, as well as domestic travels in Hawaii, New York and her beloved Lancaster County.  Another screen will showcase images of Drag Queens from all around the world. A third screen will show a continuous reel of the Five Minute Movie April created, along with excerpts of television interviews she’s participated in over the years.

The words and phrases piece of the exhibit will feature simple, fun, and profound quotes from Koppenhaver’s years of working with artists, the community, and her Ambassador of Peace program. 

As an avid repurposer and creative recycler, much to the Mulberry staff’s chagrin, April has been collecting Styrofoam forms for the past 20 years. Now assembled in many shapes, patterns and colors, these Styrofoam pieces have found new life in artistic expression.                                 

Koppenhaver has an open heart and a compassionate spirit for serving artists.  Having spent decades serving other artists, musicians, dancers, businesses, brides and grooms, and the community, Koppenhaver is ready to open her heart and share all of the colors of her creative mind and spirit. 


Ross SachsRoss Sachs: Saving Sunlight

Saving Sunlight, a collection of work from artist Ross Sachs, will be on exhibited at Mulberry Art Studios throughout the month of November.  A First Friday Opening Reception will be held on November 7th from 5pm until 9pm. 

Ross has been in the creative services business his entire career. Ross Attended Franklin and Marshall College. While still in school, he connected with the Donnelly Cartographic division, meeting Herwig Schutzler, in downtown Lancaster. "Herwig noticed some of my calligraphy samples and said I had a hand that could make maps".  As a college junior and senior, "map" diagrams and drawings were being published in text books via the Donnelly connection.

After graduation, Ross started painting with Lloyd Ken Townsend, a former National Geographic staff artist who set up a studio in Maytown, Pa. Ken was an "old master" and passed his artistic vision along to Ross, while working on accounts like; National Geographic, Time-Life Books, Reader's Digest and the National Park Service. It was during this time, delivering final paintings to NG, when Ross developed an interest of collecting original illustrations of the other illustrators he was meeting when dropping off the finished art.

His illustration collection includes works from J.C. Leyendecker, Dean Cornwell, Frank Schoonover, Bernie Fuchs, Bart Forbes, John Berkey, Mark English, Jack Unruh, John English, Gregory Manchess, Frank Frazetta, Boris Valajio, Ken Kelly and many more.

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