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Becky Shiley: Do Unto Others


Do Unto Others, a new exhibit of paintings by local artist Becky Shiley, will be shown at Mulberry Art Studios throughout the month of October.  The public will have many opportunities to see this lovely collection, as it will be displayed during First Friday on October 4th as well a during ArtWalk on October 5th & 6th.  Becky Shiley will be bringing some music along to accompany her artwork during ArtWalk weekend- Soapless Opera, the Renaissance Rock band!

Shiley began drawing and painting as a child and has used many different types of mediums as an artist. She loves all art forms including music, poetry and dance and believes that a positive mental attitude is essential. "My passion for life enables me to enjoy all mankind and creatures" says Shiley.  "My goal with my work is to encourage emotion and thought. My work expresses my feelings about war, hunger, religion, racism, prejudice, our planet and more. Hopefully my work will evoke emotion in you as well."

Becky Shiley

About the music...
All the music we hear has a style. Most of which can be put into a familiar category, but once in a while an artist creates something previously undefined; thus, Renaissance Rock. It combines the essence and influence of sounds from easy listening to heavy metal, throwing in jazz, Celtic, and folk to formulate a very flavorful stew. With insightful and contemplative lyrics as well as story lines that go into the surreal, Soapless Opera leads you on adventures of thought and emotion heightening your awareness of how closely we are all tied together.


Tracy Feldman: New Works, Big and Small

New Works, Big and Small- an exhibition by artist Tracy Feldman- will be on display during the month of October.  An opening reception will be held on Friday, October 3rd from 5pm until 9pm. This collection will also be part of Downtown Lancaster’s Fall Art Walk on Saturday, October 4th and Sunday, October 5th. 

New Works, Big and Small will feature pieces that the artist completed since her last major show at Mulberry, and demonstrates her evolution as an artist.  “I've continued moving into abstracts and have even started doing constructions that I'm very excited about,” says Feldman.  There will be three series of works included in the show.  The Rouen Cathedral series (which were initially inspired by a group of linear tar lines on a rain-dampened parking lot lit by the late-day sun), the Addiction and Recovery series (works inspired by the artist’s own recovery from the addiction of compulsive eating), and the Reclaimed series (abstracts painted/constructed upon the bones of earlier paintings.  Feldman used tape to preserve glimpses of the original images -- laying it down to create a new pattern).

More on this artist can be found at www.tracyfeldmanartist.com

Becky Shiley

Teri Edgeworth: Connected

Local artist Teri Edgeworth will be returning to Mulberry Art Studios, a gallery that will always feel like home to her, to share her new collection of beautiful beach paintings this October.  Her work will be on display during First Friday on October 3rd and during Downtown Lancaster’s Fall Art Walk on October 4th and 5th.  Teri will be at the gallery doing demos and will be available to meet and talk with everyone on their art walk, so come on in and enjoy yourself!

When she and her husband purchased a home in Ocean City, Maryland six years ago, Teri Edgeworth fell in love not only with the rich marshes and wildlife of the bayside, but also with painting the ocean, soaring seagulls, and beachgoers. This year, scenes of the harbors from Maryland and Lancaster have been capturing her attention and will soon be appearing in her new pieces.  “There's always something that catches my eye wherever I travel that makes me want to transfer my visions to canvas” says Edgeworth.
Edgeworth first painted with oils, and later moved on to acrylics.  She appreciates the way acrylics lend both qualities of watercolors as well as oils when different mediums are utilized, along with its nontoxic nature and ability to dry faster.

Teri Edgeworth

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