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Jonathan Whitlock: Looking UpJonathan Whitlock

Jonathan Whitlock grew up with a love of drawing.  He doodled constantly in school and took it upon himself to study the classic artists, particularly the cubists such as Picasso and Mondrian.  He majored in Studio Arts at Southern Virginia College and ended his freshman year with his first art exhibition.  Then tragedy struck.  During summer break, Jonathan sustained a traumatic brain injury when he was involved in a car accident.  He remained in a coma for five months, and never regained his ability to walk or see out of one of his eyes.   It was ten months before he could pick up a paintbrush, but he persevered.  He has taken classes at PCAD and LCAA as well as private instruction, and continues to regain his artisJonathan Whitlocktic instincts while exploring new creative paths. 

“Art has always connected me with life, but after my traumatic brain injury in 1999, my style changed.  I now make broader strokes; I'm less deliberate” observes Jonathan.  “And yet I have always drawn pictures of subjects I'm trying to understand more fully.  It's a matter of observing something real in my mind before creating the actual subject itself and then placing it on paper or canvas.  I then like to convey my observations in hopes that others can benefit from these perspectives.”

Though he is still unable to paint with his dominant hand, his body of work is strong.  The public is invited to come out and meet this inspirational artist and view his artwork during a First Friday Opening Reception on November 1st, 2013 from 5pm until 9pm.  The exhibit will also be available during regular gallery hours (weekdays from 10am until 4pm) throughout the month of November. 


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