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Irene MillerIrene Miller: Art From My Heart

Art From My Heart, a collection of the latest paintings to come from Irene Miller’s forty year long career as an artist, will be exhibited in the Louise Gallery at Mulberry Art Studios this October.  The exhibit opens on Friday, October 4th with a First Friday Reception and the exhibit will remain on display throughout the month of October.

Irene Miller began creating oil paintings of landscapes forty years ago. She eventually found herself drawn to watercolors, but though she liked the medium she was not fond of the traditional technique. She paints with watercolors in the same manner in which she painted with oils, skipping the usual washes and wet on wet technique and instead using a dry brush technique that allows her to create detailed and realistic pieces.  Her work is almost entirely landscapes, with subjects such as the farms of Lancaster County, the seashore, lighthouses, villages and flowers.

Miller has been married to her childhood sweetheart for 51 years, and together they have two children and four grandchildren. She began her painting career with classes with Jay McVey and moved on to classes at PCAD.  Her first exhibit was in the Lititz Outdoor Art Show, this year will be her 40th year participating in Lititz.

Art From My Heart is Miller’s celebration of her artistic journey through the years.  “For over 40 years I have captured a peacefulness and serenity in my paintings which have been described as realistic fantasy” says Miller.  “I am happy when I am drawing or painting or doing anything creative with my hands. I now have the time to totally enjoy my art. Today I am dreaming, creating and enjoying my passion for painting.”

Irene Miller

Jeff KromerJeff Kromer: Sovereign Reverence

Sovereign Reverence, a collection of acrylic, oil, graphite, color pencil, and mixed media works from local artist Jeff Kromer, will be exhibited in the Mulberry Room at Mulberry Art Studios this October.  The public is invited to come out and meet the artist at a First Friday Reception from 5pm until 9pm on October 4th.  The artwork will remain at the gallery for the entire month of October, regular gallery hours are held from 10am until 4pm on weekdays.  Mulberry Art Studios is located in beautiful downtown Lancaster at 19-21 North Mulberry Street.

Jeff Kromer describes his creative process:
I enjoy using the “automatic line” describing unconscious thought, wandering linear shapes that eventually become conscious forms such as a torso, head, claw or cloud.  Considering a new shape on a canvas allows me to build and possibly choose a new path in the work.  The “emotional line” is a term I use to describe heavy or light pressure of my hand on the medium-whether pastel, color pencil, charcoal or graphite-placing the medium on its side or back to the point in varying degrees. Using different erasures, damp rags, washes or even a touch of spray fix to achieve a slight draw in the medium to carry it across the paper or canvas is for me the thrill of creating.  Like a sliding scale from unconscious to conscious thought a conversation ensues between me and the canvas.  For me the act of painting is as important as the finished product.

Jeff Kromer

Jeff's web site : www.jeffkromer.com


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