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Life Happens. Artwork by Rodney John

Life Happens, a collection of abstract acrylic paintings from local artist Rodney John, will be exhibited in the North Gallery at Mulberry Art Studios through the month of September. The public is invited to meet the artist at a First Friday Opening Reception from 5pm until 8pm on September 7th. Regular gallery hours are held on weekdays from 10am until 4pm. Mulberry Art Studios is located in beautiful downtown Lancaster at 19-21 North Mulberry Street. Rodney John grew up in an artistic family in western Pennsylvania. Art has always been a major part of his life, ever since childhood. John graduated from Clarion University of Pennsylvania in 1989, and settled in Lancaster County shortly thereafter. He now has two artistic children, Destiny and Dakota, who provide him with endless inspiration.

“Life happens,” says John. “I interpret the world around me through my acrylic, abstract artwork. Nature, Native American designs, and emotions are the fuel that feed my creativity. I paint because it is therapeutic, and is an outlet for my emotions. Being a generally moody person by nature, I let my feelings and emotions dictate how to proceed with a piece. If the piece is inspired by my current mood or thoughts, I do not use a brush or palette knife; rather, I only use my hands and fingers to apply the paint. This way I have a direct connection to the canvas. With some of my more “direct” pieces, I start by drawing a thumbnail sketch, and then transfer the idea onto canvas with brushes, markers, palette knives, or whatever tool I deem necessary to make my point. There is no right or wrong way to create artwork. I live in the moment, and strive to express that in the work I create. My goal is to have the viewer see what I see, and feel what I feel.”

Carl Schlott

Etta M. Schreiner: Back of the Canvas

Etta M. SchreinerIn September the walls of Mulberry Art Studios' Louise Gallery will once again be graced with the paintings of Etta M. Schreiner. The 93 year old artist exhibited a vast array of artwork in a retrospective show last summer, and has returned to Mulberry Art Studios to highlight some of her less well-known paintings with Back of the Canvas.

A First Friday Opening Reception will be held from 5pm until 8pm on September 7th and the work will be exhibited throughout the month of September. Regular gallery hours are held on weekdays from 10am until 4pm with evenings and weekends available upon request.

Etta M. Schreiner's abstract expressionist paintings reflect her interest in design, color and texture as she interprets them from nature, sometimes expressed in vibrant colors, sometimes in restful pastels. At times her paintings express motions, at other times are quietly still, but always inviting the viewer to imagine and interpret.

Schreiner, a Pennsylvania native, has exhibited extensively and her works are in private collections across the United States. She studied watercolors at Penn State and acrylics at Syracuse University, and was privately instructed by nationally recognized abstract artist Robin Bolton. Schreiner was accepted on three occasions to the prestigious New York State Fair Art Shows and was a ribbon winner there. Schreiner, 93, currently resides in Lititz, PA.

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