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Susan Stephan Foster & Theo Robinson : All Over the Place

All Over the Place, which opens this May at Mulberry Art Studios, brings together the artistic works of two individuals from diverse backgrounds. Their talents and styles are very interesting and distinct from each other, but the pleasurable differences marry under the broad umbrella of art.  The public is invited to meet the artists at a First Friday Opening Reception from 5-8pm on May 4th.  All Over the Place will run throughout the month of May in the Louise Gallery and Mulberry Ballroom at Mulberry Art Studios.

The two featured artists are Susan Stephan Foster of Pittsburgh and Theo Robinson of Lancaster. All Over the Place offers works ranging from realistic to abstract presented in a variety of mediums to deliver the most appropriate form of self-expression. Without question, the wide array of works offer a glimpse into the creative world of each artist and, most importantly, offers a cross section of tastes for all viewers to appreciate.

Susan Stephan Foster

Susan (images above)is an accomplished artist whose award winning work has been recognized in many juried shows including Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, Aqueous Open, West Virginia Watercolor Society, and Baltimore Nationals. She is a member of the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, the Philadelphia Watercolor Society and a signature member of the PA Watercolor Society. She primarily works in watercolor, but occasionally switches to oil or, more often, pastel. This show is representative of the type of work for which she is best known. She enjoys finding art in the ordinary, inviting the viewer to look at things in a new way. Everything she sees becomes potential subject matter for a future painting. Subject matter becomes secondary to finding something unique to say about whatever she happens to be painting.

Theo (images below) is new to the local scene but not new to art. Creativity has always been an important part of his inner character since first recognizing the ability to reproduce faces and images at an early age.  Electing not to major in Art during his undergraduate years, he did undertake many elective art courses that earned him strong acceptance as a fellow art major. The head of the Art Department encouraged him to pursue his creativity and accept the challenge of using varied techniques and mediums. This advice and the recent encouragement from new friends have enlivened the drive to cultivate his creative roots.  His work reflects an understanding of advice well given and is evidenced in his artistic works. The subjects that the viewer will see range from realistic pencil drawings to interesting and colorful abstract paintings. 

Theo Robinson

Marie Charles: A Cultural Experience from Haiti

A Cultural Experience from Haiti, a collection of primitive, colorful oil and acrylic artwork with a native voice from Haitian artist Marie Charles, will be exhibited at Mulberry Art Studios throughout the month of May.  The public is invited to attend a First Friday Opening Reception from 5pm until 8pm on May 4th.  Mulberry Art Studios is located at 19-21 North Mulberry Street in historic downtown Lancaster.  Regular gallery hours are held on weekdays from 10am until 4pm, with evenings and weekends available upon request.

Marie Charles recently immigrated to the United States from Haiti.  Through her artwork, Marie aims to share the enriched Haitian culture.  Her paintings depict scenes from daily life in bright, primary colors; sunsets, water, children playing.  It is Marie’s intention to present the people and culture of Haiti in a more positive light, to bring viewers to understand the universality of the human experience.


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