- June 2012 Art @ Mulberry Art Studios -

Carl Schlott: Something Different

Local artist Carl Schlott will be bringing his original artwork to Mulberry Art Studios for an exhibition entitled Something Different during the month of June in the Mulberry Room. The public is invited to meet the artist at a First Friday Opening Reception on June 1st from 5pm until 8pm.

Carl Schlott comes from a family of artists. His grandfather was from Northern Italy and made furniture while his mother designs and paints as well as creating beautiful hand-knitted sweaters. Carl has lived all over the United States. He lived in Northern Maine and two and a half years in a cabin 45 miles up the Yukon River from Ruby, Alaska. He has spent hours upon hours on the Long Island Sound along the Connecticut Long Island Sound. The time spent there is a major influence in his seabird and fish sculpture. These pieces capture both flight and swimming.

In 2001 he moved to Southern Lancaster County and fell in love with the “River Hills.” He began making unique tables and benches with a Frank Lloyd Wright influence. His paintings represent a series of modern and abstract. They are intense and colorful. One can feel the energy flowing from the canvas. There is nothing subtle about the pieces.

Carl continues to experiment with color and design. The piece that make up Something Different are a culmination of experiences and thoughts expressed in different mediums. He would like to thank his mentor and friend Christian David, whose support and guidance have been invaluable.

Carl Schlott

George Debronsky: Embracing The New Day

"Embracing The New Day is my new creed, at age fifty anything less is waste of time" explains George Debronsky, the artist behind the Embracing The New Day exhibit opening in June at Mulberry Art Studios.  A First Friday Opening Reception will be held on June 1st from 5pm until 8pm in the North Gallery. 

George Debronsky also believes that one must reinvent one's self at times in order to learn and grow.  He feels that this is what he needed to do to transition from a work career to life as a photographic artist.  He now considers himself a Fine Art Photographer, since his photographs are created to fulfill his creative vision as a artist. "To me photography is so much more than just capturing a momen,t" says Debronsky.  "It is about a vision an idea to let my imagination transform myself to another place."

George Debronsky

Debronsky is originally from Yonkers, New York.  He worked in New York City as a driver for UPS, and is now retired. Although he has had a passion for photography as far back as high school, it has been in the last four years that he was able to follow his creative vision as a photographer.  "Embracing The New Day was inspired by a goal for myself to fulfill the passion of fine art photography after retirement of my thirty years of work" Debronsky comments.


Impressions of Nature- Photography by Todd Smith

Photography by Todd Smith

The Louise Gallery at Mulberry Art Studios will be home to the Impressions of Nature exhibit throughout the month of June. The exhibit, which features a combination of nature and wildlife photography from Todd Smith, opens with a First Friday Reception on June 1st from 5pm until 8pm.

Impressions of Nature aims to inspire the naturalist within all of us. Todd’s specialty is nature and wildlife photography, while adding what he calls a fine-art twist. His intention is to photograph the things we see in everyday nature, and present them back to the passerby from a unique angle.

When not kayaking or canoeing on local rivers and streams, or hiking the back country at a local state park, he is researching techniques and fine tuning his photographic craft. Not one to ever be satisfied with anything less than his own artistic perfection, Todd has recently decided to accept the challenge of inviting the public to view his art. His philosophy is that a photograph never truly lives until it is printed, and shared with more than one pair of eyes.

Photography by Todd Smith

One of Todd’s mantras in life is that we must always remain teachable. Always having room to grow or to look at common scenery from a new and fresh perspective, and give respect and admiration back to the natural world around us.

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