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Phillip Simmons: Instinct

Instinct, a collection of mostly ink and acrylic pieces from local artist Phillip Simmons, will be exhibited throughout the month of April at Mulberry Art Studios in beautiful downtown Lancaster. The public is invited to meet the artist at a First Friday Opening Reception on April 6th from 5pm until 9pm. Mulberry Art Studios is located at 19-21 North Mulberry Street and holds regular gallery hours from 10am until 4pm on weekdays.

In this body of work, Phillip Simmons combines his love of the human form and the abstract and explores the world of complexity and subtlety they both contain. Working in mostly ink and acrylic, Simmons represent lush, realistic figures in a backdrop of ornamentation and abstraction. And while some pieces remain purely abstract, many images carry subtle psychological story lines masked in a captivating superficial beauty. Simmons finds inspiration for his present work in the Vienna Secession Movement and the Mughal Period of India.

Philip Simmons is a local artist at the start of his career. Making much of his living currently as a portrait and freelance artist, he has developed a diverse style in both realism and graphic abstraction. He draws from those foundations to take his work to a different level, and create more complex and profound art.

"My work exposes my cravings for beauty and thoughtful aesthetics" comments Simmons. "I aim to create something that is not influenced by my own perspective or experiences or even of people similar to me. In doing so, I am free to create a scene that does not demand a rapport with the viewer, but speaks in a more pure and instinctive way."

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