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Loryn Spangler-JonesLoryn Spangler-Jones: Invocation

Invocation, a new collection of oil paintings from mixed media artist Loryn Spangler-Jones, will be exhibited at Mulberry Art Studios throughout the month of September.  The public is invited to meet the artist at a First Friday Opening Reception on September 2nd from 5pm until 8pm. 

Invocation "embodies the resolve and strength of women at our most vulnerable" explains the artist.  "Grounded in my primal roots while reaching for the divine, my use of color and symbolism are the fundamental elements within each individual piece.  I hope each work will seduce the viewer into encountering and exploring their own vulnerability and realize it is there that we fully become Human."  Most of Spangler-Jones’s work is inspired by her own life’s journey and her path to self discovery.  She is passionate with her work and “lives to create” and “creates to live.”  Her symbiotic relationship with her work makes her both prolific and emotionally invested in every piece she creates.
Loryn Spangler-Jones lives in Lancaster, Pa with her husband and three sons.  Painting since 1997, she has had no formal training and is instead self trained and paints intuitively.  Spangler-Jones has exhibited locally and has participated in open exhibitions in New York and the UK.  Her work can currently be found at 2nd Street Gallery in Harrisburg, PA.  She is an active member with a number of online galleries and online artist communities, where her work has been featured on several occasions.  Spangler-Jones has had pieces published on several different occasions including in the book, The Pulse of Mixed Media, by New York based artist Seth Apter.

Paul Lambert: Paper Light & Shadow

Paper Light & Shadow, is the newest collection of lighted paper sculpture installations to come from the creative mind of local artist Paul Lambert.  The exhibition will be displayed at Mulberry Art Studios throughout the months of September and October, and opens with a First Friday Reception from 5pm-8pm on September 2nd. An October 7th First Friday Reception is also planned from 5-8pm. 

Paul LambertPaul LambertPaul Lambert

Paul was drawn to this particular medium during a trip to the Corning Museum of Glass a few years ago. While the glasswork was fascinating, he was even more intrigued by the play of light and shadow. "The ability of glass to filter light and create shadows of shape, color and motion on surrounding surfaces was amazing" comments Paul.  He was immediately inspired.  Since Paul is not a glass-blower and did not have the resources to begin experimenting with glass at that moment, he had to get creative. He found that he could take the idea of very simple materials and presentation methods to create three dimensional sculptures. "I had a supply of various paper types at home and could certainly spring for some more without creating my own financial crisis" says Paul.  Paper Light & Shadow was born.
Paul first exhibition of paper installations, also titled Paper Light & Shadow, opened in August 2009 and was very well received.  It included pieces such as a sizeable installation in which separate wall mounted paper panels created a composite shadow on the wall and floor, and another piece which was a series of large lanterns that can be stacked and restacked to change the light and shadow images. 

The work included in the September show builds upon these pieces, introduces new ideas and promises to be an illuminating exhibition.

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