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Elm Miller Timms presents Soul Songs : The World Within A Moment

Elm Miller TimmsDuring the month of June, Mulberry Art Studios will feature Soul Songs, The World Within A Moment, a collection of artwork by Elm Miller Timms, in the North Gallery. The exhibit will open with a First Friday Reception on June 3rd from 5pm until 8pm. The evening will be accompanied by live acoustic music as Elm is also a vocalist and combines her efforts with  other local musicians*. The public is invited to meet the artist and linger for an experience that is sure to saturate the senses.

Elm speaks about her life and her work: “Throughout my life I have lived in both urban and rural settings inthis beautiful country we all share. I am sometimes drawn to explore the pulse and energy of the urban world in my drawings and paintings. Yet, it is the rural wilderness spaces where most of my work hovers and moves.

 As I look back on my experience as an artist, I see that my natural instinct has been to translate my life and the world around me through my senses by creating or interpreting creation. As a child, when I wasn’t drawing or painting, I was singing. In quieter moods, I would often sit and try to memorize the paradox that every moment seems to hold.

 An avid daydreamer still, I revel in following my imagination to find rare beauty in moments that, unexplored, seem the most common place. When I paint, the forming picture leads the way for me and seems to guide my eyes and hands while I work. My favorite part of sharing my art with others is listening to the new interpretations that each individual brings as they see my work through fresh eyes."

Elm returns to Mulberry Arts Studios for a second time this year after displaying a smaller study of collected works entitled “Elements of Nature” shown in  the Snow Flake Gala in February. To welcome the warm months of summer, Elm has selected pieces that will connect the concept of natural elements with the feminine faces and forms  that sometimes are a part of what she finds in “the paradox of a moment”. Elm’s passion for “playing with colors and textures” typically leads her to use a combination of mediums including acrylic paint, oil crayon, and colored pencil. This collection will include original paintings as well as gallery wrapped canvas giclee prints and framed giclee paper prints.

For more information, you may contact Elm directly at thestormyelm@gmail.com.

*Featured Musicians will be:
Ric Mull - Guitarist accompanied by
J.C.Fetlock - Eclectic Folk Musician, highlighting flute, mandolin and guitar amongst a seemingly unlimited variety of other instrumental capabilities.
The Wayfarer Experiment:
Bjorn Jacobsen - banjo, mandolin, guitar, and harmonica
Matt King - cajon, percussion 
Alex Flattery- the upright bass

Elm Miller Timms

Leslie Graham: Milieux

Milieux, a collection of encaustic paintings by local artist Leslie Graham, will be exhibited at Mulberry Art Studios during the month of June. Milieux opens with a First Friday Reception on June 3 from 5pm until 8pm.  
  Leslie Graham

"My discovery of encaustic painting was fortuitous" remarks Leslie.  "It is the perfect medium to marry a craving to make sculptural marks with an exploration of the nature of color pigments – opaque or translucent or somewhere in between."  Encaustic is an ancient medium known for its longevity and brilliance, surviving from ancient Egypt and Rome.  Leslie manufactures her paint from beeswax, tree resin and museum quality artist pigments and then applies it molten, flowing like water, onto cradled hardwood panels.  As it cools the paint solidifies and becomes sculptural, accepting carving and tool marks.  The heating, cooling and carving process is repeated as many times as the work demands.  The completed painting becomes a cool solid shell bonded to a wood panel, and is buffed to a finish ranging from a soft sheen to a high gloss. "The sensual painting experience lives on in the work with the sweet and evocative scent of beeswax" Leslie comments. 
Leslie GrahamWander and wonder through this beautiful collection of 25 paintings created over the past year, inspired by Leslie's exploration of her surroundings, as she allowed herself to be changed by what she saw, heard and felt.
"The paintings I present in MILIEUX are a record of this year in my life and meant to share my emotional experience of environment with the viewer" says Leslie.  "Through this collection I attempt to celebrate the places traveled in our daily lives.  I pray to find and record the beauty that lies therein and, in that beauty, extend inspiration, sustenance and rest."

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