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Etta M. Schreiner: A Retrospective

This August, Mulberry Art Studios will be hosting a retrospective exhibit of the artwork of local artist Etta M. Schreiner.  A First Friday Opening Reception will be held on August 5th and the exhibit will remain in the gallery for the entire month of August.  Regular gallery hours are 10am until 4pm on weekdays, with evenings and weekends available upon request.

Etta M. Schreiner's abstract expressionist paintings reflect her interest in design, color and texture as she interprets them from nature, sometimes expressed in vibrant colors, sometimes in restful pastels.  At times her paintings express motions, at other times are quietly still, but always inviting the viewer to imagine and interpret.

Schreiner, a Pennsylvania native, has exhibited extensively and her works are in private collections across the United States.  She studied watercolors at Penn State and acrylics at Syracuse University, and was privately instructed by nationally recognized abstract artist Robin Bolton.  Schreiner was accepted on three occasions to the prestigious New York State Fair Art Shows and was a ribbon winner there.  Schreiner, 92, currently resides in Lititz, PA.

Etta M. Schreiner

Etta M. Schreiner

Jack Myers & William Fish: Interactions

Photographer Jack Myers and Painter William Fish have collaborated to create Interactions, a two man show which will be exhibited at Mulberry Art Studios throughout the month of August.  A First Friday Opening Reception will be held from 5pm until 8pm on August 5.

Jack Myers has had a passion for the captured image since childhood. His father (an artist and photographer) gave him an old manual Pentax in 1983 and the love of photography has been with him ever since.  Growing up in the company of artists and other photographers helped to encourage a lifelong interest and sensitivity to detail that is essential in artistic photography.  "As an artist I am fascinated by artificial and organic form, and I enjoy the way a given lens interprets that form.  Working the limits of my digital medium and the glass eye of the lens has given me a chance to abstract form and figure; to show the organic juxtaposition between man-made and the naturally created. The chosen graphical format for these images is an attempt to capture the state of movement and flux that is always around us.  Seeing and showing the change in our town, our environment, and in ourselves is my goal" says Myers.

Photographer Jack Myers

William Fish, who brings oil paintings and charcoal drawings to this exhibit, was born in Puyallup, Washington on April 14, 1988. He lived in Albuquerque and Los Lunas until moving to Pennsylvania in 2006, where he attended Pennsylvania Collage of Art and Design. "My paintings and drawings show a progression of evolving ideas that boggled my mind within the past three years" says Fish. "These works demonstrate, too, a learning process of technical methods I experiment. The collection essentially sets out to create specific moods. Some of the works give full attention to the subject so as to objectify it, while others focus more on the atmosphere around the subject and its relationship to its surroundings. The moods I investigate are of categories such as sensual, lonely, intense, sad, and other basic feelings one experiences daily. These feelings seem to become more complex and perplexing as one ages, whereas I see in these feelings the most simplistic and perhaps even naive nature. I then attempt to approach and reconstruct these feelings from a childlike perspective, because it is precisely in this youthfulness certain charms lie. I explore this perspective with subjects both people and objects, and interpret such childlike visions into pictorial form."

William Fish


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