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Candace Greenberg-Thompson : Gestural Vestiges

Gestural Vestiges features the pencil, watercolor, and mixed-media drawings of local artist Candace Greenberg-Thompson and will be exhibited throughout the month of April in the North Gallery of Mulberry Art Studios.  Through these pieces, Candace explores the nature of drawing, temporality, and memory, as these concepts relate to the human mind and body.
For as long as she can remember, Candace has been enamored with drawing.  "I am captivated and confounded by the continuity of this world, and the fragmented systems of thought and language we have developed to measure, describe, and document it. I use line as a metaphor and a strategy to comprehend this dichotomy. Line simultaneously represents continuity and fragmentation. Cutting concepts (and lines) into segments, creates two not-necessarily-natural ends and denotes comings and goings: which is which? This fragile, flickering, fluttering line speaks to a lack of fixedness, and the potential for a change in position, or a waver brought about by the smallest of things."  Having explored various subjects through media including oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, collage, charcoal, and pencil, her recent work celebrates the act of drawing as her subject.
Thompson was born in a Chicago suburb and raised in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Millersville University with a bachelor’s degree in Art Education and from Maryland Institute College of Art with an M.F.A. in Studio Art. For 13 years, she was an art teacher at Penn Manor High School in Millersville, PA. Thompson currently lives in Lancaster where she is enjoying her new full-time job as “mommy to little boys.”

Candace Greenberg-Thompson

Laura Klecha presents: ArtismLaura Klecha presents: Artism

During the month of April - Autism Awareness Month- Mulberry Art Studios will be presenting Artism, an exciting new art exhibit from artist/activist Laura Klecha, which features the artwork of children with Autism to promote community awareness about the disorder.  Along with the childrens' artwork, Artism will feature pieces by their parents, family members, professional artists and exhibit creator Laura Klecha.  The public is invited to meet Laura and experience this powerful exhibit at a First Friday Opening Reception on April 1st from 5pm until 8pm.  Artism will be displayed from April 1st-30th in the Loft Gallery.

After graduating from Millersville University in 2007, Laura Klecha spent two years working one on one with developmentally disabled children as a Therapeutic Staff Support.  During that time, she had the pleasure of working with three children with an Autism spectrum diagnosis.  Spending time with these children and experiencing firsthand the way the public often misunderstands and wrongfully judges these children made Laura determined to raise awareness to the unique struggles children on the Autism spectrum face.  Laura drew on her background in studio art (her minor in college) to create a powerful statement of awareness and support, the Artism exhibit.

In addition to artwork, Artism will feature a video about Autism, which now affects 1 in 91 children, and information pamphlets will be handed out.  Sunday, April 3rd is Family Day.  On Family Day, families with children on the Autism spectrum are encouraged to visit the exhibit.  A sensory room will be available for children who need a break and Autism-friendly snacks will be provided.

Laura Klecha presents: Artism

For more information on the Artism exhibit, and to learn more about Autism, please visit www.artismshow.org.

Matthew MurrayMatthew Murray
Dismantling the dream

Matthew Murray, the photographer behind abandonedamerica.org, is bringing his latest collection of work to Mulberry Art Studios for a new exhibit, dismantling the dream.  The exhibit opens with a First Friday Reception from 5pm until 8pm on Friday, April 1st and will be displayed throughout the month of April.  

Hidden in the shadows of the waking world, abandoned buildings offer mute testimonial to our country's past. Matthew Murray has entered abandoned structures since he was a child, fascinated by the fragments of people's lives left behind. Four years ago, Murray began a project to preserve such memories and thereby give voice to the voiceless.

Matthew Murray Through photography he endeavored to preserve the ethereal grace and stillness that saturates such environments and to give a sense of the awe-inspiring beauty and profound sorrow that remains after life has ceased and only echoes remain.

Matthew Murray received his BA in Film and Media Arts from Temple University and went on to obtain his MFA in Photography at Rochester Institute of Technology.  He has exhibited his work throughout Pennsylvania and New York, including several other shows at Mulberry Art Studios.  For more information and to view images of Murray’s work, please visit www.abandonedamerica.org.

Ken Hill: The Weight of Our Decisions

This series of paintings is a visual depiction of the artist's struggle to balance his thoughts and life.  "I used children's playground equipment as the center influence in depicting this struggle because I thought it just might transport the viewer back to a time or state, when life wasn't so complicated; A childlike perspective" says Hill.

Artistically, Hill is exploring balance as well.  The balance between realism and abstraction, new techniques and old, symmetrical or asymmetrical, fine art or technique, background and foreground, texture or smooth, light and dark, bright and dull, colorful or neutral- all are part of the process used in these paintings.

The Weight of Our Decisions opens on April 1st with a First Friday Reception from 5pm until 8pm at Mulberry Art Studios, and will be exhibited throughout the month of April in the Mulberry Ballroom.


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