- September 2010 Art @ Mulberry Art Studios -

Bob Forrey : Untitled

Bob Forrey will be bringing a collection of his colorful large scale paintings to the Mulberry Room of Mulberry Art Studios for an untitled exhibition during the month of September. The show opens with a First Friday Reception on September 3rd, the artist will attend and refreshments will be provided. The exhibit will also be open during two Sunday Receptions on September 5th and 12th from 1pm until 4pm, and during regular gallery hours.

As an artist, Bob Forrey follows the philosophies of the color field painters, a movement birthed out of the abstract expressionists. "I see the work of Mark Rothko and Warren Roher as a jumping off point in which I can discover new horizons” remarks Bob. Untitled presents two formats - 24x36 and 48x60 - each of which create a special division of space and color. Each painting carries its own voice. He pushes the format, space and color until the piece emerges as a separate entity. "I am delighted to have the opportunity to create these individualistic images that evoke an intellectual and emotional response to the viewer" says Bob. "After all, anyone can purchase a mass produced image, that a million other folks possess too. What is that?"


Brett Greiman : Visual Voices

Brett Greiman’s Visual Voices in a collection of paintings in acrylic and pastel as well as samples of Brett’s graphic design, illustration and photography work from the past 14 years.  Visual Voices will be exhibited in the Louise Gallery at Mulberry Art Studios throughout the month of September, and will open with a First Friday Opening Reception on September 3rd from 5pm until 8pm.  Two Sunday Receptions will be held from 1pm until 4pm on September 5th and 12th.

Brett chose the title Visual Voices because he feels it reflects the way he allows his creativity to be brought to life through a wide range of creative expression.  Brett sites nature as a constant source of inspiration.  “The colors, movement, and light along with the ever changing and evolving qualities of living things is what I draw into my life and my artwork. For me, color is a living thing! Color reacts and plays. It behaves and misbehaves. Color invites me to push the boundaries and break the rules and to play upon emotions. The ever-evolving flow of creativity that is life is what I tap into when I paint” says Brett.

Brett has been an artist since childhood, when he spent his time coloring at the table or on the living room floor.  He later graduated from the York Academy of Arts and is currently continuing his education at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh-Online.  Brett began working as a muralist in 1993.  Then, in 1998, he went into fulltime self employment as a muralist, illustrator, graphic designer and painter.  Brett has painted well over one hundred murals in the central Pennsylvania area.  He was recently chosen by The Cultural Alliance of York County as one of York County's foremost artists and invited to exhibit one of his paintings at The Governor's Awards for the Arts on April 8 in downtown York.

Brett Greiman


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