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Benjahmin FarrellBenjahmin Farrell : Consumed

Benjahmin Farrell’s Consumed, a two part exhibit which consists of wall-hangings and sculptural pieces as well as an installation piece, will be in the North Gallery of Mulberry Art Studios throughout the month of June.  The exhibit opens on June 4th with a First Friday Reception from 5pm until 8pm, during which time the public is invited to take in the artwork and meet the artist.  A Sunday Reception will also be held on June 6th from 1pm until 4pm.

The installation piece, which is also entitled Consumed, tackles the subject of human consumption, and is described by Farrell as “a direct commentary on the choice between a preserved natural world or a consumed one in relationship to the individuals' personal habits, presented as a room within a room, where individual Benjahmin Farrellchoice is a black and white paradigm and the worlds are complex options being weighed “outside” said paradigm.”  The wall-hangings and sculptural pieces, which are mostly paintings and mixed media, take on personal topics such as the artist’s relationships as well as broader concepts like over-population and nature.  The entire show uses many reused and found objects, a testament to Farrell’s simple artist statement: recycle.

Farrell has been creating art his entire life, though he received no formal art training.  Instead, Farrell surrounded himself with exceptional artists and learned through example.  He credits most of his learning experiences to four painters/artists for whom he has been an apprentice.  He now owns his own business, Integrity Paintworx, which offers murals and custom faux, decorative, and historic restoration painting.  He does complete custom designs for rooms in homes and businesses, and is the lead artist for the hotel rooms at Bube’s Brewery in Mount Joy.

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Bob Grobengieser: For the Beauty & Love of the Earth

For the Beauty & Love of the Earth, local artist Bob Grobengieser’s debut exhibition, features oil paintings which truly capture the natural beauty of the world around us. The exhibit will be on display throughout the month of June in the Louise Gallery of Mulberry Art Studios. The public is invited to meet the artist at a First Friday Opening Reception on June 4th from 5pm until 8pm, and again at a Sunday Reception from 1pm until 4pm on June 6th.

A self-taught artist, Bob Grobengieser has been interested in art his whole life. His career and family life kept him from pursuing art seriously, but his retirement five years ago provided him with the essential element every artist needs: time. Bob has used this time to create an outstanding body of work, mostly dealing with scenes of natural beauty. “This planet with which we have been blessed provides unlimited inspiration” explains Bob. “The sky, the earth, the oceans with their ever-changing moods- sometimes bathed in sunshine, sometimes shrouded in shadow and mist; the sunrises and sunsets- there is no end.” Along with time, another element that allowed Bob an exhibition of his own was Friendship Community, an organization that provides services for developmentally disabled individuals. Bob became familiar with this organization through his son, who is handicapped. Friendship Community holds an annual art auction at Mulberry Art Studios, and also operates an art gallery in Ephrata. The gallery and auction entered Bob’s life at just as his retirement was allowing him more free time to create, and together the pieces all fell together to awaken his latent interest in creating art.

In addition to his beautifully detailed, realism-styled oil paintings, Bob also does pencil sketches and will gladly accept commissioned portrait offers. He has done sketches of his favorite celebrities and of his grandchildren, “About the only thing more beautiful that a Susquehanna sunset is the smile of a six month old little one” Bob remarks.

Bob Grobengieser

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