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Dan PoppShodo: The Floating Brush

Dan Popp returns to Mulberry Art Studios in July to show his Japanese calligraphy art. Shodo: The Floating Brush will display all new pieces of Dan’s work in the North Gallery.  The exhibit will open with a reception during First Friday to be held July 2nd from 5:00pm – 8:00pm.

The art form of Shodo was introduced by Dan to the Lancaster area last September with his show titled Shodo:  The Way of the Brush / Teacher to Student.  The show resulted in many positive reviews and as a result, Dan’s work is now part of the permanent collection of the Gallery at Hager in downtown Lancaster.

The exhibit will include approximately 15 examples of Shodo and include scrolls, framed pieces, as well as shikishi, small greeting cards edged in gold leaf.  In addition, the show will include several paintings.  Dan is working to combine the ink used in Shodo with acrylics in an abstract presentation.  Through the combination of these two mediums, Dan is hoping to expand the possibilities of Shodo art.

Dan apprenticed in Shodo under Duk Yeong Kim for 15 years while also studying the martial art of Kendo.  Shodo is the art form of painting Japanese characters or kanji with a brush.  Shodo means “Way of the Brush” and is considered a highly important art form in Japan – practiced for centuries by Buddhist monks, samurai warriors, and scholars.  Although Dan’s Shodo sensei passed away in 2007, Dan continues to practice and seek inspiration from contemporary masters such as Masako Inkyo and Yoshiyasu Fujii. Dan Popp

“It has taken nearly 20 years of study and practice to finally command the brush to a point where I have the confidence to produce Shodo art.  My artwork is now becoming a sort of meditative process.  When control of the brush is achieved, then the process of practicing Shodo helps to calm the mind and the spirit.  My goal for the viewer of my work is to be able to catch a glimpse of the frame of mind and the flowing spirit in which the work was produced.”

To learn more about Dan’s background in Shodo art and martial arts, visit his web site at www.seizanshodo.com.


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